Preparedness Tips

Make a list

Inventory your supplies, purchase what you need, build a kit. Ensure to include medicine and extra eyeglasses as they may be the hardest item to replace during a sustained emergency.

Have plenty of supplies

For years emergency management encouraged a 3 day supply to sustain yourself in the event of a disaster. Today, given the potential a major earthquake affecting the region, TWO WEEKS is the desired preparation. Build your supplies to include water, electrolyte replacements drinks, and non-perishable shelf stable ready to eat foods that meet dietary needs for a sustained period. Date and rotate your supplies regularly.

Equipment & Protective Clothing

​When a disaster strikes you need to compensate for loss of normalcy. Prepare by having extra sturdy clothes, shoes, and gloves suitable for inclement weather. A hard hat, goggles, dusk mask or bandanna, and gloves should be available for every person in your home.


Cellular phones may become affected following a disaster. Though the cellular system is hardened it can be susceptible to overload. Texting may still function even though voice communications may be out. Designate an out-of-state contact to reach telling of your location and condition. Contacting someone out of the disaster area often works better then calling across the affected area.

Reunification and Recovery

Ensure your plan has a rally point for all members of your family. Once together, ensure everyone is safe, address any medical issues, and commence to your "alternate" location where you have designated that family can recover from the event. Ensure to leave notes where you have gone and how to reach you.



For more information on how to prepare click on the agency or organization below.

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