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Cascadia Subduction Zone: What is it?

Hype or is it?

Many people in recent times have heard through the media more and more about the Cascadia Subduction Zone. But what is a subduction zone??

In simple terms, its a place on earth that two vary large land masses drive underneath one another, creating an area or zone where the subduction occurs. Unlike other earthquake fault lines in the region, this one is unique. The potential power released from the zone or areas to the north and south of it will cause a significant release of energy. This would not be a big deal if it were not for two things, population built near the zone, or the tsunami (large wave of water moving very, very fast) likely to hit the coast.

What to Do About it?

Examples in the last decade are not hard to find. Look a the earthquakes in Japan and Chile for an example. These massive and destructive quakes occurred on the same type of fault line within their region. A Subduction Zone, significantly more powerful when compared to local smaller fault lines.

Cascadia Emergency Management provides awareness presentations about the Cascadia Subduction Zone, local fault lines located in Seattle, Whidbey Island, and more. The presentation discusses the nature of the fault, how a shallow fault depending on its location, could be more devastating than a coastal earthquake. Preparedness techniques and demonstrations are the core of the presentations.

If you're interested in learning more schedule presentation today!

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