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Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training

BUSINESSES | SCHOOLS | HOSPITALS | CHURCHES | VOLUNTEER TEAMS                                     8 Hours | Full Day

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Course Concept:


Cascadia Emergency Management provides an 8-hour course for organized campus-based groups desiring to manage a post-disaster response. 

Emergency Response Team (ERT) training is designed to provide staff with the skills and abilities to organize, account for all responders, communicate using two-way radios, and search for and recover injured persons in preparation for first responders.


Cascadia’s program is based on the national standard for citizen response and provides instruction and practice in techniques that will prepare your team to assist in disaster/emergency situations or planned events.


Course Requirements

The course includes classroom instruction, field exercises, and final disaster drill.

Minimal class size 6 persons, maximum 20.


*Onsite training requires access to a location that can support classroom sessions, field exercises, and disaster drills without interruption.

Special Note: This course is NOT a First Aid class and assumes participants have had training prior to the is course. 

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