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Welcome to Spring! Flooding & Landslide Threats Remain Active

This week we enjoy the first days of Spring, a welcome site after such a long and historically wet winter. With the transition in season comes the continued threat of flooding and slides. A concern shared by many local area residence who live near or on known slide areas.


Be aware be staying in touch with on-line resource that monitor when conditions become high risk. A good source is the US Geological Survey or USGS website for the greater Seattle area. Here, realtime data is collected along with graphs depicting when the threat from slides is above the minimum threshold.

USGS - Seattle

Washington Department of Natural Resources


Currently, the State of Washington in various parts are under a state of emergency due to the risk of or active river flooding. It's important to know when the risk of a flood is higher than normal and where to go if the water should rise rapidly and without warning. People who live in known and regularly affected flood plaines are aware and typically have a plan to react when conditions warrant. For the rest of us who travel or visit friends or family in these areas its important to pay attention to evacuation routes, radio broadcasts (not satellite or recorded music, but AM/FM transmission from your car radio) to ensure you are prepared to react.

Never drive through standing water. The motto, "Turn Around, Don't Drown" could save your life.

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