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Windstorm: Receiving Emergency Broadcasts without Cable

Antenna - What's That?

During windstorms television signals are lost due to power outages or worse, cable line damage.

In the event of an emergency, broadcasters will use television of part of the Emergency Alert System or EAS. This is the modern version of the old Emergency Broadcast System or EBS older adults will recall from their childhood.

If you still have power there is a way to get that television signal by using an antenna. Lost to the collective consciousness since cables immense popularity, antennas will still allow you to watch "over-the-air" signals broadcasted by local television stations.

It's important to have a digital antenna that can receive digital broadcasts especially during an emergency. Your grandparents antenna will not work. Good news is there are relatively inexpensive, about $30.00 on average available at a number of local retailers.

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